Save Your Cookie for the Right Milk

While sitting lazily in Speech class today, a fellow classmate got up to give her persuasive speech on Abstinence. You’re a little late to be preaching that, I thought to myself but gave her all my attention and respect while she spoke. At the end of the speech, she concluded with a line that had me laughing for the rest of the day:

“Save your cookie for the right milk.”

Of course the whole classroom burst into laughter, myself included. Even the teacher squeezed out a chuckle. I hope to god that she made that up on her own.


Equestrian Team Finally Gets Its Day in the Sun

On October 7th, 2012, the Eastern Illinois University Equestrian Team hosted their first Horse Show of the season in Gordyville, Illinois. They had a very successful trip, with four of Eastern’s own members competing in the show. Combined, they placed fourth overall which is not bad at all. If you would like to read more, please copy and paste this into your browser:

Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday!

Pondering Future Life Adventures

There are some days where I randomly roam on Facebook and see friends going off on amazing adventures while I am stuck in my dorm room supposed to be doing homework. It makes me wonder when something spectacular will happen to me. Then, I look around and realize how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. I may not be on a crazily fantastic adventure now, but sooner or later it will hit me. ^-^

National Hazing Prevention Week

Well, this first week of October is National Hazing Prevention Week! Hazing is the act when harassment takes place as a way to initiate someone into a certain organization. It is often associated with Greek-organizations such as sororities and fraternities. Here, all the sororities have out up signs supporting Anti-Hazing Programs.

Since I never really got involved in too many organizations, I have never really had any incidents with hazing. But some troubling incidents can be found and .

To conclude, hazing is a very serious issue and should be dealt with harshly.

Two Worlds, One Heart: Can Two Different Religions Exist in a Relationship Harmoniously?

A boy and a girl meet. There is an instant spark and they begin to date. They have a successful relationship until they realize an awkward fact: the boy is an Evangelical Christian and the girl is an Earth-bound Unitarian Universalist. They deal with the issue but the boy is still uncertain of the girl. One day she creates a new Facebook identity that open professes her religious views and says that she wants to meet others with like-minds. The boy finds out and feels betrayed. He hates the fact that she is an Earth-bound Unitarian Universalist and does not know if he can continue to be in a relationship with her because of this. What do they do?

This is the problem that my friend Sarah has come to me with. She continues to explain that her boyfriend is trying to convert her back to Christianity but she just cannot get in to it, no matter how hard she tries. She wants to continue to still be in this relationship but she just does not know how to make it work when he is so certain about not dating an Earth-bound Unitarian Universalist.

So first I asked her, is the relationship worth pursuing if they were having so many problems on this sole subject? She replied she thought it was. I concluded that she needed to talk to him about how she felt. Sarah replied that she did but he just defended himself like crazy and was sarcastic. “I got sarcastic too,” she admitted, “But that was because he was making me so angry and frustrated that I felt like I couldn’t talk to him any other way.”

I asked her why she let him talk to her this way.

“There’s nothing much I could do to stop him. Freedom of speech, you know,” she replied with a sniff, “It does hurt though when he says stuff like that. And I feel like he knows it too. I just can’t get him to see my side of the story. He is so hell-bent that he is right that he won’t take any other answer. He just gets me so worked up and he talks down to me too. Like he called me a derp and said that I’m clearly not understanding a word when I knew it perfectly. When he deemed the conversation over by saying he had homework to do, he merely said ‘good day sir’. I replied, ‘I am a proud woman’. To this he said ‘indignant to the end’. We got caught up in a flurry of arguments and petty cat-fighting until he said ‘good day mam’. Then I walked away from my computer and did what any Disney princess would do: throw myself on the nearest available space and cry.”

To this I asked her why is he treating you like this? What is causing his actions to be so crass?

“My sister said that he was probably just expressing how much he missed me since I am away at college and he is still stuck in our hometown. Personally, I thought that if he missed me so much why not say it instead of starting up an argument? My sister replied that he may not really know how since he is a boy and expected to be masculine and not display such ‘feminine’ emotions.”

With this, Sarah look at me with glossy eyes and asked what I thought. I told her to calmly try to reason with him but not immediately. Get off Skype. Step away from the computer and sit to take deep breaths. Drink some water or Gatorade. Do homework (if you need the computer, exit out of Skype and concentrate ONLY on homework and resist the urge to go on Facebook or any other social networking site to post your feelings (you never know who might see them)). Tell your boyfriend that you need to go and calm down so that you don’t lash out and prompt him to lash back. Then, read a book. Or listen to music. Avoid TV since there may be something that will bring your thoughts (and tears) back to the fight. Then, the next day or even two days later, message your boyfriend and say that you have calmed down enough so that if he wants to talk, you’ll be ready. If he replies with a snide remark, dismiss it. Fact is, he is probably still bothered by the subject. Try to make light conversation and do NOT entice a fight in any way, even if he says something really hurtful (then say, that is really hurtful or something and move on). Try to reason like mature adults and hopefully the situation will diffuse.

I hope that this advice is helping her along with anyone else dealing with problems about religion or anything that spurs a fight in a relationship.

Happy October 1st!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all are having a great start to a fantastic month!

According to, today is Child Health Day. National Boss Day is on the 16th, United Nations Day is the 24th and Halloween (one of the greatest major holidays, in my opinion, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas) is on the 31st.

I hope everyone has a great October and enjoys the fall weather! Keep an eye out for Halloween decor ideas that I’ll be compulsively posting haha!

Do Dreams Really Come True?

Every once in a while, I’ll come across an article or something elaborating on the idea that dreams predict the future, immediate or long-term. These are called precognitive dreams. But these dreams often express hopes or fears, like having a dream that you (if you are a woman) are pregnant and then a couple months later find out that you really are. That is when your subconscious processes subtle signals of pregnancy.

Anyway, if dreams really do predict the future, then my best friend and I will go to a store similar to Rural King and he will hold my hand lovingly on a wooden table as I tell my other friends present (and my randomly appearing Women’s Studies professor) about a party I am planning to throw. Right….

Abortion Extremists and Chinese Food

Last night I was talking to my roommate about religion abortion extremists and how a Christian Pro-Life group harassed a doctor/clinic who went through with an abortion for a young woman. I know that the extremists tried to reach the doctor’s religious side to convince them of their views. As I was discussing this with my roommate, I thought back to the time I went to a Chinese Restaurant with a friend and ordered a dish of Pepper Steak with Onion. I do not like vegetables (other than corn) so, naturally I ate just the steak and rice. The server came over to me after we were done and pointed out I could have ordered these other dishes that don’t have vegetables. How I am relating this to abortion is as follows:

It was nice that the server gave me these other options for food but at the same time it was unnecessary for her to say that because I, as the customer, bought the food and will eat what I want of it.

I admire the doctor because he did the opposite; he did not let his personal views on the matter get in front of his medical duties and performing what the woman is paying him to do.

I just have to say that I am really happy that there are people who will, maybe not vocally, but support women’s choice through their actions.

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! Hope everything is going well in your lives! 🙂

It’s Family Weekend and my family is indeed coming to visit me today. I suggest you give your mom, dad, sister or brother a big hug.

Recently, I watched the first episode of Final Witness on ABC which is very disturbing. A young girl hired her boyfriend and his friend to kill her family. Her father survived but her mother and two young brothers. To watch this video, visit:,p0,s1,d0

This is indeed very disturbing and I cannot fathom why this even happened. I don’t mean this to be a depressing spin on your day but this had such an impact on me, I had to share it.

On the brighter side, please enjoy your day and have fun with family! 🙂