Thorin Oakenshield: Tolkien’s Inimitable Hero

I’m seeing the Hobbit tomorrow and I’m super excited!



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Thanks all and have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!! ^-^

Hello world!

Hi everyone! I’m touched that you have visited my blog, whether you accidentally stumbled upon it or if I ordered you to visit to support me haha.

So let me introduce myself:

My name is Krysten Wilcoxon and my dream in life is to be like Clint Eastwood but with a little bit of a twist: a director who not only stars in their film but writes the original story as well. 🙂 I’m a creative writer and artist but those are mainly hobbies.

Please feel free to explore around the site. Here, you can expect to find fashion trends, film reviews, what’s popular, a love advice column, college advice, my views on Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life which is ever growing in popularity for women, motivational phrases/quotes and random facts about Ancient Egypt which is of major interest to me. In addition to all these, hopefully every month or every other month I will do a segment on different celebrities and how they rose to fame. This particularly interests me since what I am planning on going in to is the massively competitive film industry.

So relax, browse and enjoy! 🙂