Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See.

Check it out everyone! My first step into the film industry in this article. 🙂



Hi everyone! So I am trying my hardest to apply for all scholarships I am eligible for so that I can study abroad in Japan, my dream since I was little. Please click on this llink:


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Thanks all and have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!! ^-^

Beautiful Weather!

So yesterday was the first of December which I spent mostly with friends. What made yesterday so special was the fact that it was so beautiful outside! Seriously one of my friends and I were going to play tennis together if she wasn’t so busy with finals homework.

Of course now it is Sunday and we are about to get back into the work/school week tomorrow. But for students here next week is our last week of classes until finals then Christmas Break!!! Who’s excited?? 😀

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed a fruitful Thanksgiving!

Today in my desk calendar titled “Survival History”, there was something that caught my eye right away!

British Egyptologist Howard Carter unearthed the chambers leading to the tomb of King Tutankhamun on this day in 1922. A large number of treasures and artifacts were catalogued and and sent to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. According to Carter’s diaries, they came across “two strange ebony-black effigies of a King…gilded couches in strange forms…alabaster vases…a golden inlaid throne” and numerous other valuables, including the famous sarcophagus of the king himself.

Quite an interesting bit of information to keep your Monday moving along! 🙂

A Fun Research Paper? What Is This Sorcery?!?!

Well…it has happened. I’m actually interested in writing this research paper assigned in English about a week ago. My teacher left it up to the individual student to decide their topic and I decided on abusive relationships. Being a survivor that took place in my very first relationship, I have a very low tolerance for being disrespected along with my desire to help people who are in a situation like I was, women and men alike (yes, men are victims in abusive relationships as well).

Now I promise to do my best on my paper and publish it when it has been completed which will be in the beginning of December. 🙂


Oh, and Happy November 1st everyone!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween is one of my absolute FAVOURITE holidays. Why? Well I’ll tell you it’s not just because of the free candy and it being socially acceptable to walk to class dressed like Bigfoot, but the blissful ignorance people seem to have about Halloween, forgetting its Celtic roots.

According to http://www.history.com/topics/halloween the origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The day marked the end of summer and harvest and welcomed the coming darkness, the cold winter, which is often associated with the death of humans. On the evening of Samhain, they believed that the dead could come back and walk among the living because the veil between this world and the next was the thinnest it would be all year. Halloween (also known as All Hallows Eve) came to America on the wings of the Europeans but was not celebrated very often because of all the negative stereotyping and superstitions like witches turning into cats to avoid being seen. Nevertheless, it gained popularity everywhere and people celebrated by reading fortunes, singing and dancing as the Celtics did over 2,000 years ago. Now people still party along with giving out popular candy to children who come door-to-door trick or treating and make other treats with friends like candy apples topped with nuts and caramel corn. Of course, we cannot forget bobbing for apples! (You can read about its back story on the website provided above). By the way, while speaking of candy, did you know that one quarter of all candy purchased in the United States is for Halloween?

But what about witchy rumours?

There are those who do celebrate Halloween in different ways:

In Mexico, Latin America and Spain All Souls’ Day begins on October 31st and continues for three days until November 2nd. Candles and incense are burned to honour the dead and to help them find their way home. In England, bonfires are lit and fireworks go off, creating a beautiful sight against the black sky. And Pagan peoples around the world celebrate this holiday that they are most associated with by decorating their house with autumn leaves and flowers, small pumpkins and decorative gourds. They also take solitary baths and share cakes and wines but, more commonly, muffins and cider.

I love Halloween because of its rich history. And, possibly, that it frightened me so much as a young child. Yes…I was that kid. Nonetheless I found ways to get overcome my fear and now it is one of my favourite holidays besides Thanksgiving and Christmas, both rich with family time that I am beginning to really appreciate now that I am away for school.

I Believe In Being STRONG When Everything Is Going Wrong

This picture is an Audrey Heburn quote that I found rather powerful on Facebook the other day. The part that I love the most is ‘I believe in being STRONG when everything seems to be going wrong’.

This should be inspirational to, not just women, but men as well. Everything will be all right, maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually.

I Believe…

Save Your Cookie for the Right Milk

While sitting lazily in Speech class today, a fellow classmate got up to give her persuasive speech on Abstinence. You’re a little late to be preaching that, I thought to myself but gave her all my attention and respect while she spoke. At the end of the speech, she concluded with a line that had me laughing for the rest of the day:

“Save your cookie for the right milk.”

Of course the whole classroom burst into laughter, myself included. Even the teacher squeezed out a chuckle. I hope to god that she made that up on her own.

Equestrian Team Finally Gets Its Day in the Sun

On October 7th, 2012, the Eastern Illinois University Equestrian Team hosted their first Horse Show of the season in Gordyville, Illinois. They had a very successful trip, with four of Eastern’s own members competing in the show. Combined, they placed fourth overall which is not bad at all. If you would like to read more, please copy and paste this into your browser:


Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday!

Pondering Future Life Adventures

There are some days where I randomly roam on Facebook and see friends going off on amazing adventures while I am stuck in my dorm room supposed to be doing homework. It makes me wonder when something spectacular will happen to me. Then, I look around and realize how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. I may not be on a crazily fantastic adventure now, but sooner or later it will hit me. ^-^